2012 Corporate Social Investment Fellowship with Changing Our World

FLiP is excited to announce Changing Our World’s third annual fellowship program. The 2012 fellow, in partnership with Changing Our World’s Research, Evaluation and Strategic Planning team will look closely at the field of Corporate Social Investment.

Listed below is additional information on the application process – open through January 9th.

Past fellows and FLiP contributors, Annie Lam and Jason Simons, spent their summers delving into the world of social enterprise and public finance. The fellowships resulted in a series of expert reports and workshops (view the most recent public finance report and its feature article on the Chronicle of Philanthropy).

Note: Applications can be submitted here.


Changing Our World, Inc. provides summer fellowships to highly motivated graduate students (Masters and PhD candidates) currently enrolled in accredited programs of business, international studies, public policy, social sciences and related disciplines. The competitive program aims to contribute to the development of future leaders in the public, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors, and, as an investment, advance the capacity of nonprofits and social enterprise organizations globally. Changing Our World is currently accepting applications for 2012 Fellow position, to be focused on Corporate Social Investment, as described below.


Project Location: New York City
Project Duration: 10 Weeks
Reports to: Executive Vice President of Research, Evaluation and Strategic Planning
Application Deadline: January 9, 2012; Noon EST
Award Amount: $8,000

Overview: Corporate philanthropy is evolving in ground-breaking ways. Instead of pure philanthropy – where companies gift time and grants to partner organizations containing programs already in place – corporate leaders are now interested in sustainability and how social involvement can also contribute to their bottom lines. This major shift commands deeper integration of business and community activities and a stronger focus on business profits within the philanthropic space. But, the world is changing as well. Economic challenges of the last four years, as well as global industrial integration, promise a corporate future that may be very different from the past. Changing Our World is seeking a Corporate Social Investment Fellow to better understand this future landscape and help plot a course of action for both corporations and nonprofits to accommodate changes and seize opportunities.

Project Scope: Changing Our World will award a Fellowship to assist in research and analysis for helping to estimate the degree and pathway of these future shifts, from the base of industrial change through networks and connections into likely social engagement patterns and leadership characteristics. The focus of the project is the world of 2020-25. The purpose is to begin to outline that future world not from a normative perspective but from an empirical platform. If community investment is to follow profits, where will profits be found? What industries will ascend? How will they be structured? What are the characteristics of the next generation that will be leading these corporate institutions? From that empirical platform, then, what are the implications for corporate engagement that melds markets to measures of community need, civil society, and societal progress?

Changing Our World seeks a motivated professional to take a structured and quantitative approach to answering these questions. At a minimum, the study will address the following:
• Profits: a 20-year industrial trend analysis and 10-year projection of available data to chart industrial change globally, by geography, by industry, and by market characteristics.
• Practice: a review of the nonprofit environment and trends (numbers, locations, and subject areas of nonprofits; SE entrepreneurship trends, etc.) How do industrial changes tie into social investment both in traditional ways (philanthropic, employee engagement, etc.) and in new ways (re-defining the edges of “corporate” goods and services, redefining “cause”, etc.).
• People: a generational assessment to help determine what leadership will look like in 2020 – what kind of outlook and skills will they have? And what skill sets will they need, both from the corporate and social service perspective?
This effort will specifically require content analysis, aided by interviews as available, with the intention to ultimately assist corporations and nonprofits in their capacity and structural investment decisions for the future. The successful applicant will deeply understand and demonstrate experience with the expert strategy of Wayne Gretzky, he/she will be facile and insightful in skating to where the puck will be.

Roles Responsibilities: The selected Summer Fellow shall construct and carry out a 10-week work plan with the guidance and support of Changing Our World’s Research and Evaluation Team. The Summer Fellow shall compile his or her findings into a briefing and conduct a presentation to senior leadership.

Requirements: The candidate must be a currently enrolled in graduate studies at an accredited institution of higher education. Experience in research and analysis in a business setting is preferred, but that setting need not be in the nonprofit sector.

To apply, please submit the following four items to hr@changingourworld.com, with “Corporate Fellowship” in the subject line:
1. Resume
2. Cover letter indicating how the candidate’s background and career plans align with the subject matter of the Fellowship
3. A proposed work plan outlining research methods and potential data sources (1-page)
4. Letter of recommendation from a current academic professor or advisor
Please note that the letter of recommendation should be submitted separately by the recommender.

It is the policy of Changing Our World to provide equal opportunities for employment and advancement to qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or veteran status.


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