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Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLiP) is a special project of Changing Our World, Inc., one of the country’s leading international consulting firms, providing individualized solutions in all areas of fundraising and philanthropy. Comprised of a unique group of passionate experts who pride themselves on a true understanding of the industry and an unfaltering desire to succeed, Changing Our World is the trusted advisor to the world’s leading nonprofit organizations, corporations, private foundations, and philanthropists.

Changing Our World’s 10+ successful years in the philanthropic sector have naturally helped strengthen the expertise and experience of its staff. From this, grew an enthusiastic desire to foster the sector’s growth and share our experiences, knowledge and resources for the benefit of others with similar passions. FLiP was created to fulfill that desire, in addition, to create a forum for others to share their ideas, experiences and to connect freely with each other. With more than 5,000 members who meet regularly, FLiP is an arena for peers, new-comers, researchers, students, those curious about development, or for those that aren’t yet sure what “working in” nonprofits really means.

By working together, the opportunities to further our careers, serve our organizations’ missions, and change the world increase by folds. We’re dedicated to creating a community and a network where other future leaders can meet, learn, exchange ideas, and contribute to each other’s success.

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Learn more about Changing Our World, Inc. by visiting them online at www.changingourworld.com.

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Here at FLiP, we’re all about sharing experiences, tips, and connections – so if you’re interested in contributing to the thousands in the FLiP community, please feel free to contact us at info@networkflip.com. We won’t bite.