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A note from Chief FLiP Will Schneider

FLiPs – Happy New Year! 2008 was huge for FLiP. We had more events than ever, posted more articles, and had way (WAY) more readers. I’m pretty sure that 2009 is going to blow all of that out of the water! However, before we get into our plans for a bigger than ever 2009, I […]

Free Networking Event in Sarasota, FL: November 25 5:30-7:30

Attention all Florida FLiPs! You are invited to our very first FLiP-on-Tap event next week in Sarasota, FL. Please join us next Tuesday, November 25th for a networking event from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the Community Foundation of Sarasota at 2635 Fruitville Road. There you’ll meet fellow young professionals in the nonprofit field, as […]

Career Option: Higher Education Fundraiser by John Burkhardt

One of the fastest growing and most satisfying career opportunities in the philanthropic sector can be found at your nearest college campus.  While fundraising was once an activity limited to the nation’s private institutions, it is quickly expanding into new arenas.  Most public four year institutions and many community colleges have now gotten into the […]

An Insider’s Guide to the Craiglist Foundation’s Nonprofit Boot Camp by Peter Kazarian

FLiP’s new friend, Peter Kazarian, attended the recent Craigslist Foundation event in San Francisco. I was thrilled when he reached out to see if we wanted him to post on our site. Of course we do! We’re always looking for new authors with interesting topics. Without further ado, Peter Kazarian’s Craigslist Bootcamp review: When Craig […]

FLiPs role in Web 2.0 by Elizabeth Miller

FLiP’s best friend, Elizabeth Miller, is fast becoming our most published author. At this point our editorial conversations go something like this. Will: Write whatever you want. Elizabeth: Okay, I’ll send it to you tomorrow. This time Elizabeth wanted to write about the philanthropic sector can better use social networking and web 2.0 technology. A […]

Growing a Profession By Erin Hall – Westfall & Naomi Marshall

Our old friends Academic Impressions, and the University of Michigan are joining forces for an event coming up on December 3rd and 4th in Atlanta, Georgia.  The event is for leaders in education development who wish to create a program that mimics the University of Michigan’s Development Summer Internship Program. In advance of the event, […]

Q&A – DOW Disaster – What Does This Mean for Philanthropy?

In recent weeks the economic… let’s call it “uncertainty”… has kept my mouse poised over the “refresh” button of the homepage. However, like many of you I’m not exactly heavily invested in the market. In other words, the DJIA could lose 20% and unless I read about it, I doubt it would affect my […]

FLiP’s back in NYC: October 7th at Turtle Bay!

What: Free Networking Happy Hour Where: Turtle Bay (987 Second Ave., between 52nd & 53rd Streets) When: Tuesday, October 7th, 6-8PM Why: Get reacquainted with New York FLiPs, meet new members of the FLiP community or join us for the first time! As we mentioned in the last post, registration isn’t required but we’d like […]

What to Expect: Online Fundraising by Beth Pickard

When FLiP was up in Boston a few weeks back, I met Beth Pickard, an intern at, “helps people realize the power of online fundraising”. I knew Beth had good taste when she complimented my recent post about being a fundraising consultant, so I asked her to tell us a bit more about what she does.

Why Working At a Nonprofit Might Just Be a Really Smart Thing To Do

I was very much on the Women in Business fast-track. I worked in finance for two summers during college, and my senior fall, I applied and was accepted to business school. In the months prior to my graduation from college, however, to everyone’s surprise and some people’s horror, I deferred business school for two years and signed up to work at a nonprofit in the Bronx. From my interactions during my summer internships in the finance industry, I found that so many young, ambitious souls, myself included, had been socialized into believing that an elite financial firm was simply the next checkbox beneath an Ivy League college.