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Corporate Social Engagement: Transforming the Higher Education Curriculum

The transformation of industries and economies worldwide will have far-reaching implications for business and the corporate social engagement (CSE) space. Moreover, the talent supply pipeline is expected to change significantly over the next years. Changing Our World’s Summer Fellow explores the implications these trends will have on higher education curriculum for upcoming business school graduates.

FLiP meets Lindsay Siegel

FliP meets Lindsay Siegel, a founding member of the New York City and New Haven chapters of Dining for Women, a national organization that raises over $400,000 a year for grassroots nonprofits that support women and girls in developing countries. Lindsay sat down with FLiP to discuss her own background, Dining for Women, and why being involved in fundraising for non-profits is about more than raising money.

2012 Corporate Social Investment Fellowship with Changing Our World

The 2012 Corporate Social Investment fellowship with Changing Our World aims to contribute to the development of future leaders in the public, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors, and, as an investment, advance the capacity of nonprofits and social enterprise organizations globally.

Nonprofit Finance Fund’s, Antony Bugg-Levine Talks Impact Investing

As an emerging hybrid of philanthropy and private equity, “impact investing” has now been estimated to have a potential global market of $2.1-2.5 trillion. As such, it has caught the attention of investors, philanthropist and nonprofit professionals who seek to better understand its principles and explore its potential. FLiP interviewed Antony Bugg-Levine, new CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund and author of “Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference”.

Two Degrees Model Sets the Bar: Buy a Snack, Feed a Child (video)

Two years ago, long time friends Will Hauser and Lauren Walters launched Two Degrees Foods. A socially-conscious business that uses a one to one model to provide starving children with medically-formulated nutrition packs for every snack bar sold. Today Two Degrees Foods can be found in every Whole Foods Market as well as college campuses and corporate cafeterias.

Running a Nonprofit: Miss Ethiopia’s Story

Atti Worku, a former Miss Ethiopia, is founder and executive director of Seeds of Africa, a non-profit organization working on educational development in Ethiopia through scholarships and after school programs. They are participating in GlobalGiving’s annual open challenge: a 30-day challenge to raise $4,000 from 50 people to receive GlobalGiving membership and funding.

FLiP Meets: John Notaro, Director of Operations for the Alive in Hope Foundation

The mission and purpose of the Alive in Hope Foundation is to provide for the long-term needs of parishes, schools, and special ministries through the creation and support of endowment funds in the Diocese of Brooklyn. In an interview with FLiP, John Notaro, Director of Operations and Programs for the foundation, provides insights into his daily roles and responsibilities and shares his background, beliefs, and vision.

Meet Jessica Jarahian

With the re-launch of FLiP, it seems only natural that we also re-launch of one of our most popular series, Meet-A-FLiP. This series is a string of posts interviewing others like us (and you) in the philanthropic/nonprofit sector willing to share their valuable, insightful and often unique experiences with the FLiP community. I recently reached […]

Meet Annie Lam

FLiP recently sat down with Annie Lam, who was selected as the first Social Enterprise Fellow of Changing Our World, an international philanthropy consulting firm. Chosen out of over 40 qualified applicants, Annie is spending 12 weeks researching the challenges and opportunities in social enterprise.

Help In Hard Times – Raising Funds from Corporations and Foundations

Ed. Note: FLiP is pleased to bring you a brief Q&A today with Suzanne Lee, Manager, Development & Communications for ENACT, Inc.  Suzanne is currently a student in the “Help in Hard Times – Raising Funds from Corporations and Foundations” course offered jointly by The City University of New York (CUNY) School of Professional Studies […]