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Changing Our World now accepting applications for the 2013 summer fellowship

Changing Our World, Inc. is now accepting applications for its 2013 summer fellowship. This year’s fellow will explore and document changes in the higher education system. In specific, the fellow will look at changes in demographics, geography and subject matter distribution and how these have impacted philanthropy in the higher education space. Eligible applicants are motivated graduate students currently enrolled in accredited programs of business, international studies, public policy, social sciences and related disciplines.

Women’s Wealth and the Future of the Nonprofit Sector

Studies show women’s earned income growing at 8.1% compared to 5.8% for men. In addition, women are today awarded more than half of first professional degrees, and nearly two thirds of master’s degrees. Surveys indicate that over half of all women include some type of philanthropy in their description of an ideal life. Understanding shifts in wealth and gender will be a key component of nonprofit fundraising strategies in the upcoming years.

FLiP Recommends: Global Change and Sustainable Development, Online Course

FLiP recommends “An Introduction to Sustainability”, a free online course offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The course will look into the academic discipline of sustainability and explore how today’s human societies can endure in the face of global change, ecosystem degradation, and resource limitations.

Corporate Social Engagement: Transforming the Higher Education Curriculum

The transformation of industries and economies worldwide will have far-reaching implications for business and the corporate social engagement (CSE) space. Moreover, the talent supply pipeline is expected to change significantly over the next years. Changing Our World’s Summer Fellow explores the implications these trends will have on higher education curriculum for upcoming business school graduates.

Corporate spending on CSR: India’s debate on mandatory versus voluntary regulation

Nicolas Picard, Changing Our World’s 2012 Corporate Social Investment Fellow shares his thoughts and insights on India’s proposed “Indian Companies Bill”, a new regulating mandating corporate social responsibility (CSR) spending by large companies.

June Nonprofit Events in New York City

Future Leaders in Philanthropy recommends events in New York City. Meet, greet and network with other nonprofit professionals in the city.

Innovation Fund Launches today

The Innovation Fund, which was initially announced in November 2011 at the Inaugural Bipartisan Conference on Innovation in Giving and Philanthropy launched its grant competition today.

NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference 2012 Roundup

As the largest nonprofit technology conference in the world, NTEN hosts a mix of nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, entrepreneurs and consultants every year. FLiP staff share their thoughts and key takeaways from this years conference in San Francisco.

Lessons From Sesame Street: A Conversation with Shari Rosenfeld

FLiP met Shari Rosenfeld, Vice President for International Projects at Sesame Street who spoke about Sesame Street Workshop’s (SW) upcoming projects. SW is the nonprofit arm of Sesame Street that seeks to address children’s developmental needs with the use of media and a dose of fun. SW goes beyond its TV programming using everything from radio, books and videos to reach children across the globe.

March Nonprofit Events in New York

Future Leaders in Philanthropy recommends events in New York City. Meet, greet and network with other nonprofit professionals in the city.