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Women’s Wealth and the Future of the Nonprofit Sector

Studies show women’s earned income growing at 8.1% compared to 5.8% for men. In addition, women are today awarded more than half of first professional degrees, and nearly two thirds of master’s degrees. Surveys indicate that over half of all women include some type of philanthropy in their description of an ideal life. Understanding shifts in wealth and gender will be a key component of nonprofit fundraising strategies in the upcoming years.

Corporate spending on CSR: India’s debate on mandatory versus voluntary regulation

Nicolas Picard, Changing Our World’s 2012 Corporate Social Investment Fellow shares his thoughts and insights on India’s proposed “Indian Companies Bill”, a new regulating mandating corporate social responsibility (CSR) spending by large companies.

Innovation Fund Launches today

The Innovation Fund, which was initially announced in November 2011 at the Inaugural Bipartisan Conference on Innovation in Giving and Philanthropy launched its grant competition today.

Lessons From Sesame Street: A Conversation with Shari Rosenfeld

FLiP met Shari Rosenfeld, Vice President for International Projects at Sesame Street who spoke about Sesame Street Workshop’s (SW) upcoming projects. SW is the nonprofit arm of Sesame Street that seeks to address children’s developmental needs with the use of media and a dose of fun. SW goes beyond its TV programming using everything from radio, books and videos to reach children across the globe.

FLiP Editor Kate Amore Named Raising Star in Fundraising Success Magazine

Congratulations to our Content Editor Kate Amore, on being named a “Rising Star” in the 2012 Fundraising Professionals of the Year awards by Fundraising Success Magazine.

12 Big Ideas For 2012: How To Address Serious Issues Differently

Author, SVP and Global Editor for Edelman Digital; Brian Reich shares his 12 big ideas on effectively addressing social issues by thinking differently in 2012.

Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships: Developing an Effective Exit Strategy

Successful corporate-nonprofit partnership development requires careful planning and thought. Knowing when and how to end a partnership that no longer satisfies its objectives is key to ensuring mutually beneficial collaboration.

Rethinking Corporate Value Creation

Harvard Professor Michael Porter and Mark Kramer explore the idea of “Creating Shared Value” in an article published by the Harvard Business Review. Their concept calls on corporate management to consider how creating societal value can be achieved parallel to financial success.

FLiP Meets: Brian Reich, author of Shift and Reset

FLiP interviews Brian Reich, SVP and Global Editor of Edelman Digital, to discuss his new book, Shift and Reset. In the book, Reich highlights the need to overhaul current methods of thinking and urges that, to address all of these issues, we need to collaborate and embrace the connectivity of the digital age.

FLiP Recommends: Nonprofit Events for October

Future Leaders in Philanthropy recommends seven nonprofit events in New York City. Meet, greet and network with other nonprofit professionals in the city.