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Changing Our World & FLiP’s Signature Survey is Ready for Viewing

The nonprofit and philanthropic sectors must take a close look at how demographic shifts impact future leadership. Three pivotal trends: retirement eligibility for Baby Boomers, the anticipation of significant executive director vacancies among nonprofits, and the influence of the economic crisis on the employment context – are shaping the competitive environment all sectors must confront […]

Running for Funding

The marathon, once considered a grueling sport open only to elite male athletes, is quickly gaining in popularity among both endurance runners and casual joggers. In fact, the most prominent races are now selling out their spots just hours after opening for registration.

Why Do Corporations Invest in Corporate Social Responsibility?

Today’s corporations are operating in a global market that finds environmental, social, and philanthropic issues to be increasingly important to bottom-line financial performance.

All I Want for Christmas … is to Change the World

Move over George Costanza! More and more people are giving charitable gifts in lieu of traditional holiday gifts this year. While the recent survey commissioned by World Vision may be bad news for retailers, it seems like good news for nonprofits.

Survey reveals public trust higher for charities than other institutions

As the end of 2010 approaches, much thought and recognition has been given to the role nonprofit organizations play around the world. Recent studies and surveys have focused on the impact and credibility that nonprofits have gained over the past decade.

Giving thanks through actual giving

What does holiday giving look like this year for nonprofits and the funders that support them? FLiP explores the realities of the season of giving, and holds out hope that certain volunteer trends remain strong.

Fundraising in the 2010 Midterm Elections

Despite the huge fundraising challenges in this current economic climate, candidates for Congress and state houses have benefitted from fundraising numbers that dwarf those of previous midterm election cycles.

The exclusive 501(c)(3) status: cracking the code to nonprofit bliss

We all hear the term ‘501(c)(3)’ thrown around in the nonprofit sector, but what does it actually mean to be one? Read on for a top line assesment of the intricate IRS application process, and be one step closer to securing the financial status needed to run a successful nonprofit organization.

Making Causes on Facebook Work

Causes has been hugely popular among nonprofits, as it allows them to tap into the peer-to-peer networking power of Facebook and initiate a fundraising cause for the nonprofit they like. The application currently has over 100 million installed users and 500,000 cause communities (started by those users) that attract over 1 million media views per day.

Building an (Almost) Free Nonprofit Website

With tight nonprofit budgets, it is critical to create a top-notch website without breaking the bank. Below, our resident Interactive Services Director, Eduardo Arias gives us 6 tips on building a great nonprofit website while keeping costs down.