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FLiP Meets: John Notaro, Director of Operations for the Alive in Hope Foundation

The mission and purpose of the Alive in Hope Foundation is to provide for the long-term needs of parishes, schools, and special ministries through the creation and support of endowment funds in the Diocese of Brooklyn. In an interview with FLiP, John Notaro, Director of Operations and Programs for the foundation, provides insights into his daily roles and responsibilities and shares his background, beliefs, and vision.

Cause Profile: Holistic takes root in the Waldorf Education System

Rudolf Steiner was a visionary who brought education, health and sustainable agriculture together to create a holistic approach to human development.

The Second FLiPiversary and the First Ever FLiP TRiP (how clever are we?) by Will Schneider

Two fairly monumental things are happening this week – which I wanted to share with the FLiP community. 1) First things first: Yesterday, FLiP turned two! That’s right, we published our first-ever post on May 11, 2006. In that post I said, “In order to be successful as fundraisers, we need to create a standard […]

FLiP Speed Networking: Wrap

A few months ago, the Senior FLiPs and I invited 10 readers to the Changing Our World headquarters in New York for a brief focus group. The biggest lesson we learned from the group was that people like the ideas behind FLiP, but want a better chance to network. Our giant happy hour events allow […]

FLiP partners with the University of Michigan

I feel like lately I’ve been doing nothing but announcing new partnerships. Well, I can’t really help it if everyone loves us. I can apologize, but I wouldn’t mean it. We’re awesome. Here’s the latest: The University of Michigan! Michigan has developed an innovative program to expose undergraduates to the profession of fundraising, and the […]

A FLiP First: Speed-Networking – Wednesday, April 23rd at Black Sheep

One of the hallmarks of FLiP events is great networking. I love seeing the future leaders of the philanthropic sector having animated conversations, exchanging business cards, and setting up lunch meetings. A few months ago, we were hanging out in the FLiP board room when the question came up: How can we make our events […]

Another Great Event! FLiP’s Fourth Event

FLiP’s fourth event was a huge success. The big news it that, unlike last time, we were finally in a space big enough to fit us! 130+ FLiPs gathered to listen to the philanthropic musings of Brian Walsh, the guy with the coolest title in the room. Brian, the Director of Global Social Engagement, focused […]

2 days left for FREE GMAT Prep

Following the hugely popular post below, I am more convinced than ever that the one thing our community seems to have united interest in is education in philanthropy. With that in mind, I wanted to remind those of you in New York that there are only two days left to apply to the Manhattan GMAT […]

FLiP-on-Tap: Wrap Up!

As the second floor of Black Sheep started filling up last night, I started to get a little concerned about having enough space. When I saw a line of FLiPs snaking down 3rd Avenue, it was basically confirmed: a ton of people were coming to FLiP-on-Tap, our latest networking event. The final tally came in […]

3 special guests to attend FLiP event!

I promise we’ll be back to normal posting later this week, this is our last event promo this week! In addition to speaker Sharna Goldseker – Vice President at the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies – FLiP has invited three additional special guests to our next event. Why? Well, here’s what we were thinking: For […]