Changing Our World now accepting applications for the 2013 summer fellowship





Changing Our World now accepting applications
for the 2013 summer fellowship

Project Location: New York City
Project Duration: 10 Weeks
Reports to: Executive Vice President of Research and Analytics
Application Deadline: March 1, 2013; 5:00pm EST
Award Amount: $8,000Responsibilities:  The selected Summer Fellow shall construct and carry out a 10-week work plan with the guidance and support of Changing Our World’s Research and Analytics team. The Summer Fellow shall compile his or her findings into a briefing and conduct a presentation to senior leadership.

Requirements:  The candidate must be a currently enrolled in graduate studies at an accredited institution of higher education. Experience in research and analysis in an organizational setting is preferred, but that setting need not be in the nonprofit sector.

To apply, please submit the following four items to

  • Resume
  • Cover letter indicating how the candidate’s background and career plans align with the subject matter of the Fellowship
  • A proposed work plan outlining research methods and potential data sources (one-page)
  • Letter of recommendation from a current academic professor or advisor*

*Please note that the letter of recommendation should be submitted separately by the recommender. 

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Changing Our World provides summer fellowships to highly motivated graduate students (Masters and Ph.D. candidates) currently enrolled in accredited programs of business, international studies, public policy, social sciences and related disciplines.  The competitive program aims to contribute to the development of future leaders in the public, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors, and, as an investment, advance the capacity of nonprofits and social enterprise organizations globally.

Please forward this email to graduate students who may be interested in this opportunity, and/or appropriate faculty or staff for further distribution.

2013 Fellowship Overview and Project Scope

There is increasing innovation in the delivery of educational content in higher education throughout the nation and globally.  Distance learning is not just a matter of reaching remote rural populations.  Online coursework, indeed online degrees, are now common.  Indeed, entirely new “free massive online courses” are offered to tens of thousands of enrollees, broadening access to knowledge in unprecedented ways.  These are not the purview of obscure colleges.  Neither is this only the initiative of private for-profit colleges.  Harvard, Stanford, MIT and a host of other research universities have joined the movement.

The purpose of the 2013 fellow project is to document this remote access educational trend, and as well as its geographic, demographic, and subject matter distribution.  The analysis will extend not simply to the quantitative spread, but also to the qualitative implications for philanthropy in higher education.  Fundraising in this sector has long been grounded, if not wholly at least largely, on the student experience over multiple years in a single place.  The experience and direct relationships among students, between students and professors, and with regard to all matter of extra-curricular activities and communities have anchored the alumni experience which has fueled personal engagement and hence philanthropic giving.  In turn, that giving is an important part of the higher education revenue model.  If there is no campus, if there is no personal experienced grounded in a sense of place, what are the implications for that model?  How can a sense of community that yields long-term loyalty be grafted onto new technologies and new approaches to higher education?  What can be learned from corporations or industries that build customer service loyalty programs without any personal physical experience?

Fellows are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement
  • Creativity of methodology used to address the selected fellowship topic
  • Excellent research and leadership skills
  • Demonstrated civic engagement
  • Commitment to philanthropic and/or nonprofit scholarship

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