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3 Ways Young People Can Develop Their Nonprofit Careers; Thank You, from Changing Our World, Inc.

3 Ways Young People Can Develop Their Nonprofit Careers Two weeks ago, FLiP attended the Second Annual YNPN-NYC’s (Young Non-profit Professionals Network of New York City) Professional Development Fair at the University Settlement. Amidst the energy, the business cards, and the networking, the event also featured a panel discussion titled “Leadership and Your Professional Development“, […]

Event Report—Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Professional Development

On Friday evening in New York City, young nonprofit professionals and interested individuals gathered for a panel discussion and professional development networking event. Sponsored by NYC’s Young Nonprofit Professionals Network and attended by FLiP and Changing Our World, the event brought together nonprofit employers, networks, and career seekers new to the field.

The exclusive 501(c)(3) status: cracking the code to nonprofit bliss

We all hear the term ‘501(c)(3)’ thrown around in the nonprofit sector, but what does it actually mean to be one? Read on for a top line assesment of the intricate IRS application process, and be one step closer to securing the financial status needed to run a successful nonprofit organization.

10 Tips for Nonprofits (and One Polar Bear Commercial)

Whitney Houston believes the children are our future, and the nonprofit world has been singing her backup for years. But do cute toddlers in trouble always inspire support for your organization?

Help In Hard Times – Raising Funds from Corporations and Foundations

Ed. Note: FLiP is pleased to bring you a brief Q&A today with Suzanne Lee, Manager, Development & Communications for ENACT, Inc.  Suzanne is currently a student in the “Help in Hard Times – Raising Funds from Corporations and Foundations” course offered jointly by The City University of New York (CUNY) School of Professional Studies […]

Want to start an international nonprofit? Read this first!

Your course “The Management of International Nonprofit Organizations” is the first Baruch course focused specifically on the international dimensions of the nonprofit sector. What was the impetus behind this course and why is now the right time for it?

FLiP Has It Covered: “From to” Event at NYU

Ed. Note: FLiP contributor Jordan Walker brings you coverage from the event we posted about on Tuesday.  Read on for all the details! Yesterday FLiP attended “From dot-com to dot-org: Three activists speak out,” a Lunchtime Conversation presented by the NYU Heyman Center for Philanthropy & Fundraising.  The event was moderated by Michael Evers, Adjunct […]

Getting Ahead of the Competition: Chronicle of Philanthropy panel

Earlier this afternoon, the Chronicle of Philanthropy hosted an online discussion entitled “Standing Out: How Young Nonprofit Workers Can Get Ahead of the Competition.” Panelists Rosetta Thurman and Allison Jones answered a variety of questions from young professionals in the field. Topics ranged from pushing for change in an older organization to getting noticed and […]

Cheap & Easy: Five Ways to Fundraise on a Dime

Holly Lillis from Changing Our World’s Sarasota office brings to FLiP another great article that I’m sure we all can relate to these days– how to keep on fundraising without adding extra costs. Holly has been instrumental to FLiP in bringing a grassroots perspective on all things non-profit. She will be hosting the first-ever regional […]

Q&A – DOW Disaster – What Does This Mean for Philanthropy?

In recent weeks the economic… let’s call it “uncertainty”… has kept my mouse poised over the “refresh” button of the homepage. However, like many of you I’m not exactly heavily invested in the market. In other words, the DJIA could lose 20% and unless I read about it, I doubt it would affect my […]