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What to Expect: Online Fundraising by Beth Pickard

When FLiP was up in Boston a few weeks back, I met Beth Pickard, an intern at, “helps people realize the power of online fundraising”. I knew Beth had good taste when she complimented my recent post about being a fundraising consultant, so I asked her to tell us a bit more about what she does.

What to Expect: Fundraising Consulting

When I speak to college students about the possibility of a career in the philanthropic sector, their eyes generally light up when I mention my career in consulting. I know what they’re hearing. For some, it sounds like the perfect blended career; you get to work for the social good – and work in the […]

Seeking Government Support and Funding

We’re pretty fortunate at FLiP because our day jobs as consultants at Changing Our World, Inc. have given us opportunities to meet colleagues with varying backgrounds and experiences. One of our newest colleagues, Courtney Powers, joined the company after spending two years as a Capitol Hill staffer. We were eager to pick her brain on what to expect when seeking government funding. Below is her take. Enjoy!

What to Expect: Meetings

Welcome to a new series we’re trying out – “What to Expect”. So you want that dream job, you work hard for it, you eventually get it, and *bam* – it’s not at all what you expected. This series will hopefully help you avoid that. For our first attempt, I asked guest author Elizabeth Miller […]

MBA or MPA: Lauren Bogner

[Continuing from our MBA of MPA series]. Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLiP): Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree? Lauren Bogner (LB): I chose to purse an MBA for several reasons: 1. To advance my education and particularly develop areas and skill sets that I had not developed in my undergraduate studies (quantitative […]

MBA or MPA: Marie DiZazzo Wilson

FLiP continues to examine why some readers decided to get an MBA rather than an MPA or another masters degree. For more information on the subject, please enjoy the all the interviews here! Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLiP): What experience did you have in philanthropy before you decided to go to graduate school? Marie DiZazzo […]

MBA or MPA: Nina Sharma West

About a year ago I told my friend and former co-worker (from Carnegie Hall), Nina Sharma West, that I was thinking about going back to school, part-time. I couldn’t (and, to be honest, still can’t) decide what degree might be most useful for my career. For me (and for many of you, I imagine), it comes down to MBA vs. MPA. Which is better?

Education, Credentials & Philanthropy Careers by Richard Marker

A few weeks ago, a question I asked about getting an advanced degree to help your career in the world of philanthropy garnered 20+ comments, and generated parallel posts on a number of other sites. As a follow up, I asked a good friend of FLiP’s, Richard Marker of Wise Philanthropy – – to react to the question. He answered on his site in fine style, so I wanted to share his response here as well.

Craig Newmark gives web advice for small nonprofits

I hope you’ve noticed that in the last few weeks we have been listing a selection of upcoming class at NYU down the right side of this page. We’ve had some great feedback so far on our idea of promoting these classes.  Hopefully we can draw some attention to upcoming courses like “How to Be […]

If I Only Knew Then… Will Schneider

This is the last post in our “If I Only Knew Then” issue. I’d like to think that I get to post in the coveted “closing spot” because of how valuable my experiences will be for the FLiP community. Actually, the way I see it, my post must have been put in a prominent place because everyone who reads my top five insights will be better off for it.