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Fundraising in the 2010 Midterm Elections

Despite the huge fundraising challenges in this current economic climate, candidates for Congress and state houses have benefitted from fundraising numbers that dwarf those of previous midterm election cycles.

Secrets to the Success of The Michigan Difference Campaign

Hats off to the University of Michigan whose Development staff recently celebrated the success of their record-breaking campaign, which raised $3.200 billion– 28% above their $2.5 billion goal!  Donors to The Michigan Difference campaign, the largest in the history of public higher education, have made tremendous impact, generating $545 million in student support, creating 1,969 […]

Q&A – DOW Disaster – What Does This Mean for Philanthropy?

In recent weeks the economic… let’s call it “uncertainty”… has kept my mouse poised over the “refresh” button of the homepage. However, like many of you I’m not exactly heavily invested in the market. In other words, the DJIA could lose 20% and unless I read about it, I doubt it would affect my […]

Re-starting a campaign stuck in the mud: Part II of II

In my post last week I discussed three common problems that may cause your campaign to lose momentum: poor leadership, difficult timing, and donor fatigue.  While these are three of the most common problems your campaign may have to address, they are not the only stumbling blocks that may arise.  Three additional problems you could […]

Re-starting a campaign stuck in the mud: Part I of II

When it seems like your campaign is going nowhere due to a lack of good organization, poor leadership, or a variety of other problems, how can you get back on track?  What are the tricks for getting organized, re-motivating the staff and board, drawing donors back in, and reaching your goal? When I first started […]

MySpace and the Nonprofit Sector

Seventeen Magazine recently announced that it will be sponsoring a contest promoting youth and social activism. The 17 Mission: MySpace/Seventeen PSA Video Contest is unique not only because it promotes social responsibility and involvement, but also because it will be conducted via Seventeen Magazine’s MySpace page. I bring this up today because MySpace may be part of your future, whether you know it now or not. Its near universal appeal among teenagers and college students, a notoriously expensive group to reach, makes it one of the best and cheapest avenues for your non-profit to recruit volunteers or influence the next generation of potential donors.

The Mainstreaming of Philanthropy

Philanthropy seems to be everywhere you turn these days. Whether it is a yellow bracelet proudly displayed on an individual’s wrist, 10 concerts being performed simultaneously around the world, or a fundraising event featured on an episode of The Apprentice, philanthropy appears to be ever growing in our mainstream culture.