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Changing Our World & FLiP’s Signature Survey is Ready for Viewing

The nonprofit and philanthropic sectors must take a close look at how demographic shifts impact future leadership. Three pivotal trends: retirement eligibility for Baby Boomers, the anticipation of significant executive director vacancies among nonprofits, and the influence of the economic crisis on the employment context – are shaping the competitive environment all sectors must confront […]

3 Ways Young People Can Develop Their Nonprofit Careers; Thank You, from Changing Our World, Inc.

3 Ways Young People Can Develop Their Nonprofit Careers Two weeks ago, FLiP attended the Second Annual YNPN-NYC’s (Young Non-profit Professionals Network of New York City) Professional Development Fair at the University Settlement. Amidst the energy, the business cards, and the networking, the event also featured a panel discussion titled “Leadership and Your Professional Development“, […]

Event Report—Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Professional Development

On Friday evening in New York City, young nonprofit professionals and interested individuals gathered for a panel discussion and professional development networking event. Sponsored by NYC’s Young Nonprofit Professionals Network and attended by FLiP and Changing Our World, the event brought together nonprofit employers, networks, and career seekers new to the field.

Meet Annie Lam

FLiP recently sat down with Annie Lam, who was selected as the first Social Enterprise Fellow of Changing Our World, an international philanthropy consulting firm. Chosen out of over 40 qualified applicants, Annie is spending 12 weeks researching the challenges and opportunities in social enterprise.

Getting Ahead of the Competition: Chronicle of Philanthropy panel

Earlier this afternoon, the Chronicle of Philanthropy hosted an online discussion entitled “Standing Out: How Young Nonprofit Workers Can Get Ahead of the Competition.” Panelists Rosetta Thurman and Allison Jones answered a variety of questions from young professionals in the field. Topics ranged from pushing for change in an older organization to getting noticed and […]

Good article on jobs in the sector

FLiP friend and Changing Our World’s COO Philanthropic Services Phil Li shared the following, which explores the evermore competitive landscape of nonprofit jobs.  This Yahoo! hotjobs piece, “Nonprofit Gigs Get Competitive,” shares insights from college career services professionals as well as nonprofit executives about the increased quality and quantity of young job-seekers.  What’s your experience been, either at […]

Career Option: Higher Education Fundraiser by John Burkhardt

One of the fastest growing and most satisfying career opportunities in the philanthropic sector can be found at your nearest college campus.  While fundraising was once an activity limited to the nation’s private institutions, it is quickly expanding into new arenas.  Most public four year institutions and many community colleges have now gotten into the […]

Why Working At a Nonprofit Might Just Be a Really Smart Thing To Do

I was very much on the Women in Business fast-track. I worked in finance for two summers during college, and my senior fall, I applied and was accepted to business school. In the months prior to my graduation from college, however, to everyone’s surprise and some people’s horror, I deferred business school for two years and signed up to work at a nonprofit in the Bronx. From my interactions during my summer internships in the finance industry, I found that so many young, ambitious souls, myself included, had been socialized into believing that an elite financial firm was simply the next checkbox beneath an Ivy League college.

MBA or MPA: Shana Katz Ross

Please enjoy the second in our “MBA vs. MPA” series – started last week. Why did you get your MBA or MPA? Thanks again to Nina Sharma West for seeking out candidates and conducting these interviews. Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLiP): Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree? Shana Katz Ross (SKR): The […]

Investing in Emerging Leaders

Leadership is the hot topic of the moment in our sector; you’ve seen plenty about it right here, in fact.  Your FLiP editors participated in a roundtable discussion about it.  Our friend Elizabeth Miller wrote about it. And now I’m going to brief you on a neat event on the subject, held Monday at TheTimesCenter […]