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What to Expect: Online Fundraising by Beth Pickard

When FLiP was up in Boston a few weeks back, I met Beth Pickard, an intern at, “helps people realize the power of online fundraising”. I knew Beth had good taste when she complimented my recent post about being a fundraising consultant, so I asked her to tell us a bit more about what she does.

What to Expect: Fundraising Consulting

When I speak to college students about the possibility of a career in the philanthropic sector, their eyes generally light up when I mention my career in consulting. I know what they’re hearing. For some, it sounds like the perfect blended career; you get to work for the social good – and work in the […]

If I Only Knew Then… Will Schneider

This is the last post in our “If I Only Knew Then” issue. I’d like to think that I get to post in the coveted “closing spot” because of how valuable my experiences will be for the FLiP community. Actually, the way I see it, my post must have been put in a prominent place because everyone who reads my top five insights will be better off for it.

If I Only Knew Then… Jessica Stannard-Friel

A year and a half ago I walked from Grand Central to Wall Street with my friend and co-worker, Jessica Stannard-Friel. We talked (at length) about starting a blog for young professionals in philanthropy. Before Jess says a temporary goodbye to the world of “full-time employment” (she’s about to take Harvard Business School by storm) […]

If I Only Knew Then… Prescott Loveland

It’s not just people with years of experience who have something to add to the “If I Only Knew Then” issue. Check out what our intern learned in his first ten days! Last semester when I became an intern at Changing Our World, Inc., I was very excited. Not only was this internship going to […]

Friends or Foes? Analyzing your Nonprofit’s “Competition”

To speak of competition among nonprofits is often considered bad manners, suggesting fierce corporate-style rivalries in which all that matters is the bottom line.  The preferred image of the nonprofit world is one of friendly collaboration, and in fact, many nonprofits do partner on various projects, from dance organizations co-sponsoring a visiting choreographer to the […]

Carnival of Non-Profit Consultants!

Welcome! FLiP is this week’s host of the Carnival of Non-Profit Consultants!  This week’s theme was Young Professionals in Philanthropy, obviously a topic that many FLiP readers are interested in.  Bloggers posted pieces that ran the gamut from advice for young professionals working in the non-profit sector to tips to getting a post-graduate degree, or […]