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FLiP Meets: John Notaro, Director of Operations for the Alive in Hope Foundation

The mission and purpose of the Alive in Hope Foundation is to provide for the long-term needs of parishes, schools, and special ministries through the creation and support of endowment funds in the Diocese of Brooklyn. In an interview with FLiP, John Notaro, Director of Operations and Programs for the foundation, provides insights into his daily roles and responsibilities and shares his background, beliefs, and vision.

A Business Course on Alleviating Poverty

On crisp Monday evenings this autumn, the NYU Microfinance Initiative and NYU Stern Social Enterprise Association hosted a course on microfinance that was simulcast via internet by the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. NYU was one of more than 30 campuses around the country to host the simulcast, which was open to the public.

Idealist Grad School Fairs: Coming Soon to a City Near You!

Jung Fitzpatrick from Idealist wrote in to announce an upcoming series of Idealist graduate school fairs. If you, or anyone you know, are thinking of going to grad-school next year for a degree with social impact, join the Idealist team at one of the 17 fairs they’ll be hosting in North America this fall (registration is free).

Attention NYC-area FLiPs: New fundraising class at CUNY Graduate Center

Kim Enoch from the School of Professional Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center wrote us to introduce a timely educational opportunity to New York City-area FLiPs in the fundraising space. The CUNY School of Professional Studies, in partnership with the Community Resource Exchange, is offering a non-credit course, Help In Hard Times – Raising Funds […]

Philanthropy 101: Classes Hit Campus

College students in New England are quickly learning that giving money away is no easy task; a new grantmaking initiative focused on the education sector is making sure of that. According to a recent Boston Globe article, corporate and family foundations have begun investing in philanthropy education at more than 10 New England colleges including […]

NYU Wagner Event Covers Philanthropy & the Economic Crisis

Editor’s Note: The following is re-posted with permission from our friends at the new NYU Wagner Public Service Blog. Service or Advocacy: What Can Foundations Do and What’s Their Responsibility Given this Economy? By Wagner Blogger on April 1, 2009 With the U.S. in the throes of a devastating economic crisis and donation dollars more […]

FLiP Meets: Joseph Donahoo,

Joseph Donahoo, Executive Director of External Affairs for UCLA’s Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science Every once in a while, Future Leaders in Philanthropy “meets” (in this case, six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon style) more experienced professionals in the nonprofit sector who are willing to give us a peek into their day-to-day work. Our friends at University of […]

University of Michigan’s CSHPE deadline- January 1st

Based on the FLiP site’s recent activity, John Burkhardt’s article about University of Michigan’s Master’s in Higher Education with a special concentration in institutional advancement and development has piqued some of your interests. For those who are very interested, just a reminder that January 1, 2009 is the application deadline. Check out the UM’s site […]

Career Option: Higher Education Fundraiser by John Burkhardt

One of the fastest growing and most satisfying career opportunities in the philanthropic sector can be found at your nearest college campus.  While fundraising was once an activity limited to the nation’s private institutions, it is quickly expanding into new arenas.  Most public four year institutions and many community colleges have now gotten into the […]

Growing a Profession By Erin Hall – Westfall & Naomi Marshall

Our old friends Academic Impressions, and the University of Michigan are joining forces for an event coming up on December 3rd and 4th in Atlanta, Georgia.  The event is for leaders in education development who wish to create a program that mimics the University of Michigan’s Development Summer Internship Program. In advance of the event, […]