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Give a Little Bit of Your Love: 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Volunteer Program

American Volunteerism is growing. The growth of general philanthropy, coupled with the professional adjustments developing as a result of the high unemployment rate, point to a climate ripe for a renewed commitment to volunteerism in the coming decade.

Building an (Almost) Free Nonprofit Website

With tight nonprofit budgets, it is critical to create a top-notch website without breaking the bank. Below, our resident Interactive Services Director, Eduardo Arias gives us 6 tips on building a great nonprofit website while keeping costs down.

Help In Hard Times – Raising Funds from Corporations and Foundations

Ed. Note: FLiP is pleased to bring you a brief Q&A today with Suzanne Lee, Manager, Development & Communications for ENACT, Inc.  Suzanne is currently a student in the “Help in Hard Times – Raising Funds from Corporations and Foundations” course offered jointly by The City University of New York (CUNY) School of Professional Studies […]

A Business Course on Alleviating Poverty

On crisp Monday evenings this autumn, the NYU Microfinance Initiative and NYU Stern Social Enterprise Association hosted a course on microfinance that was simulcast via internet by the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. NYU was one of more than 30 campuses around the country to host the simulcast, which was open to the public.

NYU Wagner Event Covers Philanthropy & the Economic Crisis

Editor’s Note: The following is re-posted with permission from our friends at the new NYU Wagner Public Service Blog. Service or Advocacy: What Can Foundations Do and What’s Their Responsibility Given this Economy? By Wagner Blogger on April 1, 2009 With the U.S. in the throes of a devastating economic crisis and donation dollars more […]

FLiP Meets: Joseph Donahoo,

Joseph Donahoo, Executive Director of External Affairs for UCLA’s Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science Every once in a while, Future Leaders in Philanthropy “meets” (in this case, six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon style) more experienced professionals in the nonprofit sector who are willing to give us a peek into their day-to-day work. Our friends at University of […]

Cheap & Easy: Five Ways to Fundraise on a Dime

Holly Lillis from Changing Our World’s Sarasota office brings to FLiP another great article that I’m sure we all can relate to these days– how to keep on fundraising without adding extra costs. Holly has been instrumental to FLiP in bringing a grassroots perspective on all things non-profit. She will be hosting the first-ever regional […]

An Insider’s Guide to the Craiglist Foundation’s Nonprofit Boot Camp by Peter Kazarian

FLiP’s new friend, Peter Kazarian, attended the recent Craigslist Foundation event in San Francisco. I was thrilled when he reached out to see if we wanted him to post on our site. Of course we do! We’re always looking for new authors with interesting topics. Without further ado, Peter Kazarian’s Craigslist Bootcamp review: When Craig […]

What to Expect: Fundraising Consulting

When I speak to college students about the possibility of a career in the philanthropic sector, their eyes generally light up when I mention my career in consulting. I know what they’re hearing. For some, it sounds like the perfect blended career; you get to work for the social good – and work in the […]

Education, Credentials & Philanthropy Careers by Richard Marker

A few weeks ago, a question I asked about getting an advanced degree to help your career in the world of philanthropy garnered 20+ comments, and generated parallel posts on a number of other sites. As a follow up, I asked a good friend of FLiP’s, Richard Marker of Wise Philanthropy – – to react to the question. He answered on his site in fine style, so I wanted to share his response here as well.