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Idealist Grad School Fairs: Coming Soon to a City Near You!

Jung Fitzpatrick from Idealist wrote in to announce an upcoming series of Idealist graduate school fairs. If you, or anyone you know, are thinking of going to grad-school next year for a degree with social impact, join the Idealist team at one of the 17 fairs they’ll be hosting in North America this fall (registration is free).

University of Michigan’s CSHPE deadline- January 1st

Based on the FLiP site’s recent activity, John Burkhardt’s article about University of Michigan’s Master’s in Higher Education with a special concentration in institutional advancement and development has piqued some of your interests. For those who are very interested, just a reminder that January 1, 2009 is the application deadline. Check out the UM’s site […]

Career Option: Higher Education Fundraiser by John Burkhardt

One of the fastest growing and most satisfying career opportunities in the philanthropic sector can be found at your nearest college campus.  While fundraising was once an activity limited to the nation’s private institutions, it is quickly expanding into new arenas.  Most public four year institutions and many community colleges have now gotten into the […]

Growing a Profession By Erin Hall – Westfall & Naomi Marshall

Our old friends Academic Impressions, and the University of Michigan are joining forces for an event coming up on December 3rd and 4th in Atlanta, Georgia.  The event is for leaders in education development who wish to create a program that mimics the University of Michigan’s Development Summer Internship Program. In advance of the event, […]

Why Working At a Nonprofit Might Just Be a Really Smart Thing To Do

I was very much on the Women in Business fast-track. I worked in finance for two summers during college, and my senior fall, I applied and was accepted to business school. In the months prior to my graduation from college, however, to everyone’s surprise and some people’s horror, I deferred business school for two years and signed up to work at a nonprofit in the Bronx. From my interactions during my summer internships in the finance industry, I found that so many young, ambitious souls, myself included, had been socialized into believing that an elite financial firm was simply the next checkbox beneath an Ivy League college.

MBA or MPA: Lauren Bogner

[Continuing from our MBA of MPA series]. Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLiP): Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree? Lauren Bogner (LB): I chose to purse an MBA for several reasons: 1. To advance my education and particularly develop areas and skill sets that I had not developed in my undergraduate studies (quantitative […]

MBA or MPA: Marie DiZazzo Wilson

FLiP continues to examine why some readers decided to get an MBA rather than an MPA or another masters degree. For more information on the subject, please enjoy the all the interviews here! Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLiP): What experience did you have in philanthropy before you decided to go to graduate school? Marie DiZazzo […]

MBA or MPA: Shana Katz Ross

Please enjoy the second in our “MBA vs. MPA” series – started last week. Why did you get your MBA or MPA? Thanks again to Nina Sharma West for seeking out candidates and conducting these interviews. Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLiP): Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree? Shana Katz Ross (SKR): The […]

MBA or MPA: Nina Sharma West

About a year ago I told my friend and former co-worker (from Carnegie Hall), Nina Sharma West, that I was thinking about going back to school, part-time. I couldn’t (and, to be honest, still can’t) decide what degree might be most useful for my career. For me (and for many of you, I imagine), it comes down to MBA vs. MPA. Which is better?

Education, Credentials & Philanthropy Careers by Richard Marker

A few weeks ago, a question I asked about getting an advanced degree to help your career in the world of philanthropy garnered 20+ comments, and generated parallel posts on a number of other sites. As a follow up, I asked a good friend of FLiP’s, Richard Marker of Wise Philanthropy – – to react to the question. He answered on his site in fine style, so I wanted to share his response here as well.