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The Three C’s: Cash, Capacity Building and Connections

Giving Circles have been the topic of late on FLiP and we’re delighted to find another FLiP who is involved in one–this time in New York City. Our friend Maya Iwata, Philanthropic Partnerships Officer at The Women’s Media Center, is also a founding member of the New York City Venture Philanthropy Fund (VPF) which gave […]

Meet Young Founder Rusty Stahl

A huge percentage of our readers dream of founding their own nonprofit one day. So, in the next few months we’ll be posting occasional interviews with “young founders” so that our community can learn from their experience. If you are a young founder of a “socially good” organization, or know one, shoot me an e-mail – […]

Meet Jenn Goldstone

Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLiP): Tell me a little about your background – where did you go to school, what did you major in, and where do you work now? Jenn Goldstone (JG): I went to Columbia College (class of 1995), Columbia University. I majored in English Literature and now work as director of member […]

Meet Marcus Littles

As FLiP continues to explore the issue of diversity in grantmaking, we had the opportunity to meet Marcus Littles. Marcus has over ten years experience working in communities of color as an educator, advocate and grant maker. We recently talked with Marcus about his career to glean lessons learned for professionals interested in affecting change in […]

Prove Yourself Beyond all Obstacles: Grant Making

For many of us, it might not have been so long ago that we wrote that first big check, when the excitement of our first apartment was slightly tarnished by the reality of first-month-plus-security-deposit, prompting a tremble as we signed away a large portion of our new income.  Now, the young grantmakers among us may […]

Top 10 Tips for Young Grantmakers

Last week, Kate wrote about the process of crafting a proposal to a foundation. Today, I’m here to share some tips about working on the FLiP side (couldn’t resist) of the field. My top ten: Get comfortable. There’s an internal struggle all young grantmakers face, and it’s fuelled by one big question: who am I […]

How To: Grant-Writing

It is becoming increasingly difficult for a nonprofit to secure funds from a foundation on the strength of its proposal alone. Unlike the thesis paper that is rewarded for its persuasiveness and clarity of thought, and not on how well the professor knows its writer, a grant that is submitted without cultivation stands little chance […]

June/July 2006: “The Ask”

Success! With the first month of FLiP behind us, and an increasing base of subscribers, we are pressing ahead into our second “issue.” In this issue we will be exploring the single most important skill that any development professional needs to learn: Making and Responding to “THE ASK.” Because many of us are young and/or […]