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All I Want for Christmas … is to Change the World

Move over George Costanza! More and more people are giving charitable gifts in lieu of traditional holiday gifts this year. While the recent survey commissioned by World Vision may be bad news for retailers, it seems like good news for nonprofits.

Giving thanks through actual giving

What does holiday giving look like this year for nonprofits and the funders that support them? FLiP explores the realities of the season of giving, and holds out hope that certain volunteer trends remain strong.

A Day On, Not a Day Off

Points of Light Institute and HandsOn Network have partnered to create a virtual community for the hundreds of thousands of Americans volunteering this Monday, January 18 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. There’s something for everyone.  For those of you who will be busy helping out in your communities, you can find volunteer opportunities […]

Happy Holidays from FLiP

We all know, working in this field, of the great work of groups like And many of you likely saw this recent article on about; the Modest Needs Foundation uses the power of thousands of small donations from individuals to help people overcome temporary financial challenges.

Not Just A Sign Of The Summer

I’m sure all you FLiPs are gearing up for Memorial Day weekend – barbecues, beaches, and that great day off.  But we’re a socially-minded bunch, and would be remiss not to highlight the true spirit of Memorial Day.  It’s a good time to call attention to the many nonprofit organizations that do good work to […]

A Very Corporate Christmas: Philanthropy & Business During the Holidays

At the close of the fourth quarter, corporate America is wrapping up its philanthropy for the year. Increasingly, philanthropic activities are extending beyond the company’s foundation or corporate contributions program to its employees and consumers. The holiday season presents the perfect opportunity for businesses to engage the generosity of their patrons and employees, and it […]

Case Foundation Spotlight on Holiday Giving

This month, The Case Foundation website focused its “spotlight” on holiday giving. The Foundation is funded by Steve Case (founder of AOL) and his wife Jean. It’s nice to see such big players get involved in the philanthropy discussion. Conveniently, the four or five featured articles go hand-in-hand with FLiP’s topic this month, so go […]

Spread that Holiday Cheer – and Get Some In Return

Christmas – time for family, friends, eggnog, gifts, shopping, crowds, lines, credit card bills, no parking spaces…wait, that’s not what Christmas is all about! Unfortunately, the holiday season in our culture has become less about giving and more about braving crowded shopping malls and maxing our credit lines, just so we can prove our love […]

Holiday Giving Online: Goodwill and Good Cents

There is no denying that there is something magical about this time of year that makes people reach into their pockets. Small acts of giving occur all around with very little expectation of a financial benefit to the giver. Dropping change in a red bucket for the Salvation Army, buying a few gifts for a local toy drive, and volunteering at a soup kitchen are all examples of the goodwill of the season. However, potential financial benefits can abound as well!

The December Giving Bonanza

The giving season is upon us again! According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Americans give away “a third of the quarter-trillion dollars we give away each year” during the month of December. Now more than ever charitable organizations are recognizing this trend, and offering socially-conscious individuals a way to further extend their year-end generosity. From making a donation to a holiday campaign to purchasing a product which donates proceeds to an organization, charitable organizations have greatly expanded upon holiday giving capacities.