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Event Report—Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Professional Development

On Friday evening in New York City, young nonprofit professionals and interested individuals gathered for a panel discussion and professional development networking event. Sponsored by NYC’s Young Nonprofit Professionals Network and attended by FLiP and Changing Our World, the event brought together nonprofit employers, networks, and career seekers new to the field. Needs Our Help

Every day, Idealist helps connect 70,000 people with 90,000 organizations around the world, in English, Spanish, and French. In addition to our work online, every year we also organize a series of events across North America, including 10 Nonprofit Career Fairs, 20 Graduate School Fairs, and 5 Global Volunteering Fairs.

Good article on jobs in the sector

FLiP friend and Changing Our World’s COO Philanthropic Services Phil Li shared the following, which explores the evermore competitive landscape of nonprofit jobs.  This Yahoo! hotjobs piece, “Nonprofit Gigs Get Competitive,” shares insights from college career services professionals as well as nonprofit executives about the increased quality and quantity of young job-seekers.  What’s your experience been, either at […]

A Monster Opportunity to Volunteer

Quick hypothetical: You’re a senior in college, or you’re just out of school, and you don’t have much (or any) experience as a fundraiser or grant-maker, but you want to enter the field. No matter how stellar your GPA is, you may not be able to get your dream job without demonstrating some real world […]

The Buck Doesn’t Stop at Banking

For those of us who have had to circumnavigate the perilous sea of choosing a career upon graduation from college, we know that the pressure to find a job that is both enjoyable and financially supportive can be overwhelming. At many prestigious universities, graduates feel burdened to land high-paying, high-powered jobs. As a result of […]

The Ultimate Internship ‘How to’

After Anastasia revealed how she made the most of her ultimate internship in last week’s post, we heard from more than a few FLiPs.  “Fabulous to know how to take advantage of an internship”, they said, “but what of the kids who need to find one first?!”  A few of the best strategies, FLiP-tested and […]

The Ultimate Internship!

Many of us have heard that dreaded mandate from our parents, teachers, or career counselors. While the thought of spending your time struggling to find a (unpaid!?) job haunts your dreams, the reality is far more palatable. First of all many paid internships exist, so you may be able to find work at the organization of your choice. However, there is a much larger point to having an internship that you will never be able to replicate in the classroom: The value of the experience itself. A truly useful internship will be an opportunity to open doors for you, that you might not even have known existed.