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A Network of Miracles

The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improve children’s health by raising awarness and funding children’s healthcare. CMN’s new leader John Lauck speaks to FLiP about the organization, making the switch to the nonprofit sector and changing the world through philanthropy.

Changing Our World & FLiP’s Signature Survey is Ready for Viewing

The nonprofit and philanthropic sectors must take a close look at how demographic shifts impact future leadership. Three pivotal trends: retirement eligibility for Baby Boomers, the anticipation of significant executive director vacancies among nonprofits, and the influence of the economic crisis on the employment context – are shaping the competitive environment all sectors must confront […]

The Business of Doing Well By Doing Good

How is the business world reacting to the heightened awareness of sustainability and social responsibility? Accenture and the UN Global Compact’s 2010 CEO study is reviewed and its main findings discussed in this new posting on the possibilities of greater business success when responsible sustainability is incorporated into overall strategies.

Survey reveals public trust higher for charities than other institutions

As the end of 2010 approaches, much thought and recognition has been given to the role nonprofit organizations play around the world. Recent studies and surveys have focused on the impact and credibility that nonprofits have gained over the past decade.

FLiP Gives Thanks

Hi, FLiPs.  With Thanksgiving upon us, I wanted to share two (of the many) things I’m thankful for. One, I’m thankful for you, our phenomenal readers.  I continue to be inspired by your smart, thoughtful work in this sector — and your willingness to share your successes with all of us.  The FLiP generation is […]

Q&A – DOW Disaster – What Does This Mean for Philanthropy?

In recent weeks the economic… let’s call it “uncertainty”… has kept my mouse poised over the “refresh” button of the homepage. However, like many of you I’m not exactly heavily invested in the market. In other words, the DJIA could lose 20% and unless I read about it, I doubt it would affect my […]

What to Expect: Online Fundraising by Beth Pickard

When FLiP was up in Boston a few weeks back, I met Beth Pickard, an intern at, “helps people realize the power of online fundraising”. I knew Beth had good taste when she complimented my recent post about being a fundraising consultant, so I asked her to tell us a bit more about what she does.

What to Expect: Meetings

Welcome to a new series we’re trying out – “What to Expect”. So you want that dream job, you work hard for it, you eventually get it, and *bam* – it’s not at all what you expected. This series will hopefully help you avoid that. For our first attempt, I asked guest author Elizabeth Miller […]

Challenges for Young People by Elizabeth Miller

Editor’s Note: FLiP is pleased to bring you another post from our friend Elizabeth Miller, Senior Program Associate at the Overbrook Foundation.  You may contact the author at Someone recently asked me what the primary challenges are that prevent young people from working in the field of philanthropy. That query echoed questions that I’ve […]

Meet Young Founder Rusty Stahl

A huge percentage of our readers dream of founding their own nonprofit one day. So, in the next few months we’ll be posting occasional interviews with “young founders” so that our community can learn from their experience. If you are a young founder of a “socially good” organization, or know one, shoot me an e-mail – […]