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Changing Our World & FLiP’s Signature Survey is Ready for Viewing

The nonprofit and philanthropic sectors must take a close look at how demographic shifts impact future leadership. Three pivotal trends: retirement eligibility for Baby Boomers, the anticipation of significant executive director vacancies among nonprofits, and the influence of the economic crisis on the employment context – are shaping the competitive environment all sectors must confront […]

Give a Little Bit of Your Love: 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Volunteer Program

American Volunteerism is growing. The growth of general philanthropy, coupled with the professional adjustments developing as a result of the high unemployment rate, point to a climate ripe for a renewed commitment to volunteerism in the coming decade.

Why Do Corporations Invest in Corporate Social Responsibility?

Today’s corporations are operating in a global market that finds environmental, social, and philanthropic issues to be increasingly important to bottom-line financial performance.

Survey reveals public trust higher for charities than other institutions

As the end of 2010 approaches, much thought and recognition has been given to the role nonprofit organizations play around the world. Recent studies and surveys have focused on the impact and credibility that nonprofits have gained over the past decade.

New COF Report on Leadership

Listen up, future leaders.  We’ve got a must-read for you about a topic none other than philanthropic leadership.  The Council on Foundations recently released their Career Pathways to Philanthropic Leadership 2009 Baseline Report, which examines the characteristics of foundation and grantmaking executives appointed during a five-year period (2004-2008).  The report looks at how the philanthropic […]

FLiP insights needed for upcoming book

As Dr. Susan Raymond, Changing Our World’s Executive Vice President of Research, Evaluation, and Strategic Planning, embarks on her third book, Finance for Hard Times: Strategies for Strengthening Nonprofit Revenue When Economies Falter, a partnership with FLiP was inevitable.  The book, due out from Wiley later this year, will include commentary on the differing ways […]

Seeking Government Support and Funding

We’re pretty fortunate at FLiP because our day jobs as consultants at Changing Our World, Inc. have given us opportunities to meet colleagues with varying backgrounds and experiences. One of our newest colleagues, Courtney Powers, joined the company after spending two years as a Capitol Hill staffer. We were eager to pick her brain on what to expect when seeking government funding. Below is her take. Enjoy!

Are We Ready to Lead?

Echoing what our friend Elizabeth Miller eloquently outlined as challenges faced by the next generation of potential leaders of the nonprofit sector, a recently released study asked close to 6,000 “next generation leaders” for their input on this seemingly hot topic. The study entitled, “Ready to Lead? Next Generation Leaders Speak Out” was produced in […]

A Study of Chinese Philanthropy by Danqing Li

Danqing Li, Changing Our World’s go-to Chinese Philanthropy expert, was kind enough to follow up Connette’s profile of philanthropy in Australia with her own take on Philanthropy in China.  A mystery for most Americans, China’s booming economy and massive population will play an ever-increasing role in the philanthropic sector. A FLiP with his (or her) […]

The Ask: Key Tips

While approaching a donor, or donor prospect, for a sizeable gift can bring with it some anxiety, being adequately prepared may help to assuage some of this apprehension. And what exactly does this type of preparation include? It’s really rather straightforward.