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Building an (Almost) Free Nonprofit Website

With tight nonprofit budgets, it is critical to create a top-notch website without breaking the bank. Below, our resident Interactive Services Director, Eduardo Arias gives us 6 tips on building a great nonprofit website while keeping costs down.

10 Tips for Nonprofits (and One Polar Bear Commercial)

Whitney Houston believes the children are our future, and the nonprofit world has been singing her backup for years. But do cute toddlers in trouble always inspire support for your organization?

Want to start an international nonprofit? Read this first!

Your course “The Management of International Nonprofit Organizations” is the first Baruch course focused specifically on the international dimensions of the nonprofit sector. What was the impetus behind this course and why is now the right time for it?

Getting Ahead of the Competition: Chronicle of Philanthropy panel

Earlier this afternoon, the Chronicle of Philanthropy hosted an online discussion entitled “Standing Out: How Young Nonprofit Workers Can Get Ahead of the Competition.” Panelists Rosetta Thurman and Allison Jones answered a variety of questions from young professionals in the field. Topics ranged from pushing for change in an older organization to getting noticed and […]

Cheap & Easy: Five Ways to Fundraise on a Dime

Holly Lillis from Changing Our World’s Sarasota office brings to FLiP another great article that I’m sure we all can relate to these days– how to keep on fundraising without adding extra costs. Holly has been instrumental to FLiP in bringing a grassroots perspective on all things non-profit. She will be hosting the first-ever regional […]

Growing a Profession By Erin Hall – Westfall & Naomi Marshall

Our old friends Academic Impressions, and the University of Michigan are joining forces for an event coming up on December 3rd and 4th in Atlanta, Georgia.  The event is for leaders in education development who wish to create a program that mimics the University of Michigan’s Development Summer Internship Program. In advance of the event, […]

What to Expect: Online Fundraising by Beth Pickard

When FLiP was up in Boston a few weeks back, I met Beth Pickard, an intern at, “helps people realize the power of online fundraising”. I knew Beth had good taste when she complimented my recent post about being a fundraising consultant, so I asked her to tell us a bit more about what she does.

Seeking Government Support and Funding

We’re pretty fortunate at FLiP because our day jobs as consultants at Changing Our World, Inc. have given us opportunities to meet colleagues with varying backgrounds and experiences. One of our newest colleagues, Courtney Powers, joined the company after spending two years as a Capitol Hill staffer. We were eager to pick her brain on what to expect when seeking government funding. Below is her take. Enjoy!

What to Expect: Meetings

Welcome to a new series we’re trying out – “What to Expect”. So you want that dream job, you work hard for it, you eventually get it, and *bam* – it’s not at all what you expected. This series will hopefully help you avoid that. For our first attempt, I asked guest author Elizabeth Miller […]

Craig Newmark gives web advice for small nonprofits

I hope you’ve noticed that in the last few weeks we have been listing a selection of upcoming class at NYU down the right side of this page. We’ve had some great feedback so far on our idea of promoting these classes.  Hopefully we can draw some attention to upcoming courses like “How to Be […]