To Grad School or Not to Grad School?

A FLiP reader just emailed me a question… one I get all the time… but I don’t have the answer. So, FLiP community, I need your help. If you have an opinion – and I know you do – please leave a comment at the bottom of this post (on the flip site:

Here’s the situation: A 23-year old fundraiser has been working at a nonprofit for a year and a half, and is thinking about what his next step should be. Of course, one of the things this FLiP is thinking about is grad school, but he doesn’t know if there is any real benefit. Do nonprofits care about that degree? Is it more worthwhile to spend the money and time to get an MBA? Should he save his money and just focus on getting the right jobs?

So, FLiP community, here is the crux of the question: How important is grad school in the philanthropic sector?

What are you planning on doing? What did you do? And what would you do differently?

Taking an informal survey it seems like *a lot* of people would like to know the consensus of this community. Let’s get to work!


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