Two Degrees Model Sets the Bar: Buy a Snack, Feed a Child (video)

Two years ago, long time friends Will Hauser and Lauren Walters put their heads together to consider a challenging notion. How could a company in the United States leverage everyday consumer buying decisions to change the lives of hungry children around the world? Was there a way to create awareness about global food insecurity AND deliver food to those in need WHILE making a profit?

Will, 24, had run Harvard Student Agencies, the largest student-run business in the world, during his time at Harvard University. He had moved to work as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, where he found a missing link between his interest in business and helping others.

Lauren had spent years working in the developing world as an advisor to Partners in Health and other NGOs. As a political activist; NGO leader; venture capital investor and lawyer, he saw great opportunity in creating a business that was not only “socially-conscious” but also had a direct positive impact in the lives of those in need.

And so Two Degrees Foods came to be.

The concept modeled the one-for-one business idea by producing all-natural food bars and using their sale cost to produce and distribute medically-formulated nutrition packs to millions of hungry children across the world.

Will and Lauren then paired their efforts along with Partners in Health and Valid Nutrition, both nonprofit organizations working to combat starvation in the developing world.

Two years later, Two Degrees Bars can be found in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide as well as in a number of corporate cafeterias and college campuses.

In an interview with FLiP, Will and Lauren discuss the creation of Two Degrees, challenges they’ve faced along the way and their advice to other entrepreneurs looking to scale social impact through business opportunities.

Video editing credits: Steven Madeja

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